Score tests and tabulate ballots or surveys using the latest SelfScore
scanners from the leader in optical mark reading (OMR) technology.

OpScan® 8 Scanner

Data collection tools to meet your evolving needs The OpScan® 8 scanner is a powerful, high performance optical mark recognition (OMR) scanner designed for high-speed data input.

Activities once requiring hours of stacking and sorting can now be managed quickly and easily. Human error and time consuming re-sorts are virtually eliminated. And, with faster, more effective form handling, turn-around time shrinks and operators are freed for more productive activities.
Efficient Processing and Operator Productivity is Maximized The scanner automatically separates scanned forms without requiring operator attention or interrupting data entry.

A transport printer produces messages on forms as they are scanned with no reduction of the throughput rate. Messages may be based on data read from that form, such as social security numbers, edit or batch codes, or test results.

Scanner Applications Education
• Testing and assessment scoring
• Course scheduling
• Grade reporting
• Student, faculty & alumni surveys
• Admissions & enrollments
• Course/instructor evaluations

Business, Healthcare & Government
• Job applications & member enrollments
• Time & attendance and payroll deductions
• Training and course evaluations
• Customer, employee, and patient surveys
• Vehicle registration & incident reporting
• Patient encounter & health risk appraisals

OpScan 8 Scanner Features
The OpScan 8 scanner offers features to help ensure accuracy, speed, and ease of use.

• Two light sources for each read cell minimize the effect of folds and wrinkles in forms.
• Digital read head technology helps prevent undetected degradation of read head accuracy.

OpScan 8 scanner alerts you when paper dust, eraser bits, etc. begin to build up and block read cells, or when a read cell degrades or fails.
• Precisely positioned read head wiping surfaces flatten wrinkled and folded forms and cleaning the read head.
• Select stacker permits the automatic sorting of forms which fail user specified edits during scanning. This increases speed and effi ciency
by being able to continue scanning when incorrectly completed forms are scanned.
• Sixteen level mark discrimination differentiates erasures and smudges from valid marks.
• Thickness detector ensures one sheet at a time is read.
• Sheet skew detection helps ensure proper registration while reading.
• A form throughput rate of up to 5,000 sheets per hour maximizes effi ciency.
• A fixed, automatic feed hopper for 300 sheets eliminates continual reloading.

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