Edumetric is a versatile Exam Marking and Quality Assessment solution representing the most up-to-date generation of testing and assessment software using the combined technologies of OMR and Imaging to create a truly unique and innovative tool.


In combination with Scantron Corp. data capture scanners, EDUmetric software is a complete exam marking and assessment application integrating: on-screen editing of errors, automated scoring of student answer sheets, reporting of student results, survey outcomes and course data by means of representative graphs, diagrams and overview lists in PDF files. Educators are completely free to define the overall structure of their assessments, are able to set up sub-tests, scales with qualifications and even use negative scoring if required.

EDUmetric also allows for open question scoring (such as short written answers and essay type questions), and combines these in the overall marking structure and reports. This feature is very useful for institutions who want to combine and find a good balance between objective and subjective testing.

Besides exam marking and assessments, Edumetric also has an integrated attendance module, a student data base for keeping basic student data and export facilities as standard.

We can arrange student answer sheet design, printing and shipping according to the OMR/OCR/ICR technical specifications and at a competitive price. We have standard answer sheets, or you can choose to design your own sheets with your organisations logo, selected number of questions, different answer options, open questions, and more.