Combining paper questionnaires with a mobile application 

Although the use of online surveys and mobile survey applications have gained popularity in the last years, many organisations conducting surveys sometimes have to rely on the authentic paper-based questionnaires for numerous reasons. It could be that the target group is not very familiar with computers or the internet, or that they might need help with answering the questions because they are illiterate.

Under some circumstances there might be no electricity grid to charge electrical survey tools making the use of paper-based surveys necessary. Therefore we have extended our existing SurveyCAP software, based on the OMR/Imaging technology with scannable questionnaires, with a mobile survey application.

There are two versions available.

SurveyCap Mini is designed for small to medium-size surveys such as customer satisfaction surveys, monitoring & evaluations and social surveys. 

SurveyCap+ is for larger surveys such as national surveys or a census.


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What is included in the package?

  • A quality OMR/OCR/ICR data capture scanner at a competitive price,
  • Customized scannable questionnaires,
  • Mobile application for surveys (optional),
  • Customized survey processing software with monitoring & reporting and data export-import facilities,
  • End-user training on location or on-line,
  • Free maintenance service.